Giving to EBBC online is safe, secure, and easy to use! You can give here at any time!

There are options for one-time giving, as well as recurring giving!

Online giving is a great way to keep your giving consistent!


“We are only managers of what we’ve been given, and we should work to manage it well”

- Mark Stuenzi, Pastor of Parker Hill Church

East Brandywine Baptist Church
Giving Options


Electronic Giving Options

ONLINE BANKING/BILL PAY – You can personally arrange for your Financial Institution to mail checks directly to EBBC as a onetime gift or on a recurring schedule. Many banks do not charge for this service so 100% of your gift would be received by EBBC, but you should check with your bank to confirm their fee schedule. In order to maintain consistency in the contributions process, please instruct your Financial Institution to add any designation instructions to the memo line and mail all checks to:

East Brandywine Baptist Church, Attn: Offering, 999 Horseshoe Pike, Downingtown, PA 19335


ONLINE GIVING – You can arrange to contribute online through our new online giving option. You can arrange for your offering to be a onetime gift or on a reoccurring schedule. We provide this option as a convenience to you. In an effort to provide a convenient, no-hassle online giving option, we only accept bank transfers (ACH) at this time.


Other Giving Options

CHECKS – Check may be made payable to “East Brandywine Baptist Church” and either enclosed in your personalized offering envelopes or dropped loose in the offering plate. Checks will be matched in our computer database system and matched to your household as best as possible.

CASH – Cash may be enclosed in your personalized offering envelope (preferred method) or you may use the white pew envelopes available in the auditorium. When using the envelopes from the auditorium, please be sure to legibly print your name and address so we can specifically identify you for our records.

STOCKS and IRA INVESTMENTS – Shares of stocks or disbursements from an IRA may be donated directly to the church. Generally, there is a favorable tax advantage in making donations from these two investment methods. If you are interested, please contact a pastor or member of the staff to be properly directed for additional information and consult your tax advisor for tax implications for your personal situation.


*Year End Statement for tax purposes shall be issued to anyone who has contributed at least $250 to East Brandywine Baptist Church in a calendar year per direction from IRS Publication 1771. Donor should always keep supporting documentation (cancelled checks, bank records, etc.) for donations made for their records and tax reporting purposes.

Effective January 1, 2018:

The general fund and missions fund will be combined into one giving opportunity. The available offerings will be as follows:

General/Missions Fund – pastors, staff, ministries, utilities, maintenance, missionaries, mission organizations.
Building Fund – improvements to the facility and savings for a potential future building expansion.
Benevolence Fund (formally the Deacon Fund) – funds utilized at the discretion of the elders to help individuals who have are facing tough financial situations.
Memorial gift in memory of loved ones – used as discretion of the leadership teams.
Food Cupboard – provides non-perishable food and toiletries for people in need.
Missions Celebration Weekend* - special offering to the highlighted missionaries.
Christmas in October* - funds to help enable missionaries to visit family for Christmas.
Christmas gift to Pastors* - a special Christmas gift thank you for our pastors.


* Seasonal giving options


Any offering given to a fund not listed above, or a special need presented by the leadership as a giving opportunity, shall be redirected to the General/Missions Fund