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Metzler House Fire - Ways to Help
7/6/2016 11:39:49 AM by: PJ

Sunday morning, Dan and Erika Metzler's home was destroyed by fire. Thankfully, Dan, Erika, Joel and Sarah are all safe. (Although, Dan suffered a burn and cut on his foot while fighting the fire). I know each of you will be in prayer for the Metzlers as they sort through this devastating loss.

Around 2:00am, Dan woke to the noise of breaking glass and the glow of a fire.  A fire had sparked near the outside deck and was now reaching the roof of the house.  Dan and Erika quickly ran to get Joel and Sarah and all made it out of the house safely before the fire consumed the house burning the entire roof and first floor (kitchen, living room and master bedroom.  The house was a total loss.

In the midst of such loss, Dan and Erika are praising God for protecting their family, for the love and support they have of family, friends and their church family and for the promise that God will take even this and use it for good for those who love him.

The family will be moving into a rental house at the end of this week as they peruse the rebuilding process.

In addition to your prayers here are several ways you can help Dan, Erika, Joel and Sarah.

  1. Gift Cards or Cash for needs like groceries, clothing and home goods can be dropped off in the East Brandywine Baptist Church foyer.  (Walmart/Lowes, Home Depot, Wawa, Giant, Sears, Target, Home Goods or meals for a night out)
  2. Checks can be given to the "Metzler Fire Relief Fund." please make your check out to EBBC but  "designate" Metzler Fire in the memo line.
  3. Meals: if you can provide a meal email Becky at
  4. Caring for Kids: Joel and Sarah, no doubt, lost some of their favorite toys and possessions in the fire. For a child, this us especially unsettling. Inquiring what some of those toys were and replacing them, would be very kind.

Thanks, everyone, in advance, for walking through this trial with the Metzler's.


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The Metzler family, Are in my thoughts and prayers during the time of need. Liz

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